The company 2226

From 2226 ‘the prototype’ to 2226 ‘the business’

The completion of the 2226 office building in Lustenau in 2013 marked the end of ten years’ development work. Since then, our practical experience in the day-to-day running of the building has fed into further refinements to the 2226 concept – from essential construction parameters to building control. We are continually adapting and fine tuning the concept based on real-life experience combining theory and practice. By the end of 2020, six buildings bearing the 2226 name had either been completed or were under construction in Austria and Switzerland. A further twelve or so are currently on the drawing board.


2226 group exists to develop, implement and market construction projects designed according to the 2226 concept. We offer a comprehensive 2226 advice and support service that starts at the design stage and runs through the implementation of the 2226 operating system to day-to-day building operation.


In addition to the founding headquarters of 2226 AG in St. Gallen | CH, we are now also legally anchored in the European region with 2226 GmbH based in Lustenau | AT. Our branch office in Berlin | DE marks the start of our growing presence in the urban metropolises of Europe.

Target groups of 2226

2226 group operates independently, but is also working on a partnership basis to implement 2226 projects. We offer support and advice to a wide range of potential clients, including:

  • public sector authorities at national/local level involved in the public tender process,
  • institutional promoters such as pension funds and developers,
  • private clients and investors,
  • architects working on design competitions and other projects.

Geographical reach

  • Our current business is centred on Austria, Germany, Switzerland and France
  • We are also equipped to deliver schemes in the rest of central and northern Europe
  • With additional input, we can also consider 2226 projects around the world

Our Services

2226 group supplies the key components and expertise required to implement the 2226 building concept.

Ideally, we are involved throughout the design and construction process right from the first contact with the client through to moving into the building. This is the best way to guarantee full 2226 functionality.

Services provided by 2226 group at the various phases of a project:

1. Design
2. Construction
3. Handover and ongoing support: