Method 22·26
1500 m² open space
195 employees
Energy consumption halved
Method 22·26
6 rooms, kitchen, bathroom
Family of 5
Heating with ceiling lights
Method 22·26
18 classrooms
450 pupils
Good air for better concentration
Method 22·26
4-storey old building
3 generations
Renovated for centuries

Regardless of the construction project you have in mind, we are your partner for highly sustainable buildings in times of climate change and energy crises. We analyse the location, carry out all the calculations with respect to the building physics and develop a thermal-dynamic simulation based on the method 22·26.

With intelligent building control, the 22·26 Operating System and a specific building structure, you can achieve and implement an economically and ecologically sustainable construction project.

Method 22·26

22·26 buildings maintain a comfortable temperature of between 22 and 26 degrees Celsius all year round – without a conventional heating and cooling system and without mechanical ventilation. In addition, the optimum regulation of the oxygen content in the air ensures a constantly pleasant, fresh indoor climate.


We will support you for the duration of your 22·26 project, providing advice and assistance from the initial evaluation to the documentation process.

To allow your commissioned architects to plan effectively, they will receive an exact simulation from us – based on method 22·26.

We will provide you with the control software you need to operate the system and this will be intelligently and automatically optimised via continuous monitoring.

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