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Comprehensive support across all project phases

We will support you for the duration of your construction project, providing advice and assistance from the initial evaluation to the documentation process for your completed 22·26 building.

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First, we carry out an analysis of the specific location factors such as local climate data or shading from surrounding buildings and topographical features. Drawing on our extensive experience and expertise in building physics, we work with you to define the use of the building, the utilisation of space, comfort aspects and energy goals. The following measures aim to maximise comfort while simultaneously minimising the energy required for heating and cooling.

Planning and design

During the planning and design phase, we work closely with the commissioned architects. We perform geometric analyses and building physics calculations to determine the year-round thermal protection, optimise the building envelope, evaluate materials in terms of their properties and design the entire building network with its individual zones, including all operating components.


Our simulations incorporate dynamic representations of all physical processes that influence two comfort parameters: temperature and CO2 content. We simulate the building’s behaviour for an entire year, evaluate the results and review each individual thermal zone as well as the need for optional backup systems for exceptional situations.


We monitor the implementation of all systems defined in the planning phase, coordinate the communication between interfaces and manage the entire approval process. Upon completion of the shell construction phase, we deliver and install the operating software – our 22·26 Operating System. We assist you during the installation of the hardware components, carry out the initial commissioning and provide ongoing support during the first 12 months of the adjustment phase. Our quarterly reports provide you with comprehensive information about the energy savings and comfort aspects of your 22·26 building.

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