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Your partner for sustainable, future-proof construction projects

As a service company, 2226 GmbH designs energy-efficient and sustainable construction projects by applying the innovative method 22·26. By combining specific building structures with our intelligent control software, the method 22·26 offers economical, ecologically optimised solutions for the challenges of modern construction.


It all started with the vision of constructing a building without heating and cooling systems. A building for people in which the atmosphere and interior spaces are always at a comfortable temperature – specifically, in the globally accepted comfortable temperature range from 22 to 26 °C. 22·26: our vision has become reality; the name of our method is now a promise.

Its application is promoting change in the construction industry and helping to establish sustainable construction as the industry standard. Our goal is to use innovative construction concepts to conserve resources and reduce CO2 levels while simultaneously lowering costs. 22·26 buildings are secure investments and future-proof solutions that provide a comfortable environment for the long term.


“The basic idea is to achieve an extraordinarily high level of comfort, efficiency and sustainability with as little technology as possible.”

Axel Meier, Managing Director of 2226 GmbH

Awards and honours


Brick Award 1st place, “Working together” category | Wienerberger, Vienna, AT
22·26 Emmenweid | Office and administration building | Emmenbrücke, Switzerland


Wienerberger Brick Award: Grand Prize “Special Solution” | Wienerberger, Vienna, AT
22·26 Lustenau | Office and administration building | Lustenau, Austria


German Design Award – Gold | Rat für Formgebung Frankfurt a. Main, DE
22·26 Lustenau | Büro und Verwaltung | Lustenau, AT


Energy Globe Austria – Award for Sustainability | Energy Globe Foundation, Neukirchen (Altmünster), AT
22·26 Lustenau | Office and administration building | Lustenau, Austria

Since 2013, the pioneering building in Lustenau has been impressively demonstrating the savings potential of 22·26 buildings. It is also the headquarters of 22·26 GmbH.

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