Grand opening of 2226 Lingenau

Tradition meets the future

Light, air and sun – all three healthy life essentials were present. Clients, architects and guests enjoyed a festive atmosphere on 29 June 2019. The scene offered everything we needed for 2226 Lingenau’s joyful, much-anticipated opening in the Bregenz Forest.

A new therapy centre for aks gesundheit GmbH blends the values of regional building culture with knowledge about the future of the built environment. An opening speech by Prof Dietmar Eberle evoked the connection between health and architecture. Good health today means physical, mental and social well-being. According to Eberle, architecture should contribute to that with natural light, natural air and surface temperatures that differ only slightly from room temperature.


The new therapy centre incorporates every one of these elements. What’s more: it sets the stage for a healthy life with the eponymous, year-round building temperatures ranging from 22 to 26 degrees Celsius, no heating or cooling installations required.


In return architecture has to be accepted – its performance appreciated by those who spend time in it. That appreciation was palpable at the opening, where visitors admired the precision of the building’s execution, the durability of its materials and the manifest care taken in its realisation. These regional values are anything but alien to the Bregenz Forest and certainly have potential for the international future of architecture.


06 | 2019